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Release Compliance

To make sure helluvaOS/hentaiOS have a standard for Quality Assurance for every build pushed, we have a set of Release Compliance Code of Conduct as follows:

Release tagging


The build is considered initial (e.g Under bringups) and requires a extensive testing.

Internal Beta

Builds that's under initial stage and already stabilized enough with more or less than 5 known issues.

Open Beta

Builds that's ready for Open Testing with more or less than 3 known issues.

Golden Master

Builds that's ready for Production with no more than 1 known issues.


Build is ready for Production with no blocking known issues.

Known Issue Definitions


A feature that is known to be broken and can't be shipped temporairly.


A feature or changes that will not be shipped temporairly for defined reasons.


A feature or changes that will not be shipped.

Non-Blocking Known Issues

Issues that wasn't arrived from helluvaOS/hentaiOS, this includes Upstream Issue that's unable to fixed from our side, Application-specific issues, known Hardware issues, and Unsupported modifications (e.g. Rooting, Magisk incl. Modules, Substratum)