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helluvaOS is a hell of a ROM, focused on amogus, egg catapults, and speed demons, and so like most problem in the world, we resort instead to base violence as a means of international dispute.

Here's our basic furries that you might already know:

  • Raphiel (Rapherion) Rollerscaperers (raphielscape) - Founder, Lead Developer, BDFL
  • Dynetev - Co-Founder, Co-Lead Developer
  • Argraur - Co-Founder
  • Rohan Hasabe (Hasaber8) - Co-Founder, Moto-Furry
  • Nathan (Lunarixus) - Marketing, Pixel-furry
  • Electimon - Marketing, Voice of Reason


helluvaOS offers a lot of fire, like:

  • Paimon eating, this thing absolutely oriented on this part
  • Google if they developed Pixel in hell
  • Better amogus gameplay experience
  • Questionable engineering choices
  • Parade of destruction
  • Melodrama
  • No gore

Also, we keeping:

  • SafetyNet for your MacDolan app
  • Pixel stuff that's lit on fire

See Features for more things


Installing helluvaOS is a complicated borealis-style cross-country fastboot-style installation except objectively defined else. and you know what? it's not complicated. Bring your jet, your guns, your bombs and your napalms because we're going absolute babirusa. Confused? Good.