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We have an active community with amogus on Telegram where you can get help, stay up to date, discuss anything about helluvaOS, or just anything.

Wanna ask something?

If you're looking for support, check the Frequently Asked Questions first.

Getting deez nuts in yo chin

What not to report

  • Feature request
  • Installation help
  • Issues in unofficial builds
  • Asking for device support
  • Missing builds
  • Your maidenless

Reporting "ew bugs"

We use GitLab Issue as our bugtracker. Before you submitting that disgusting thing, please search to verify that someone else hasn't already reported it. Don't even do "+1" or something like that, I'll be watching you.

We accept bug reports in the following:

  • Distribution
    • Bugs in hentaiOS/helluvaOS Platform, for examples:
      • Missing Amogus
      • Broken Fonts
Don't post multiple issue in a single report.

Yo dawg, I heard you like multiple issues, so I put multiple issues in a single report, fuck you.

Always attach Bug Report

Bug Reports MUST be attached for all issues, and MUST be captured after reproducing the issue.

  • Infra
    • Bugs in infrastructure, like:
      • Forum died
      • The main page rickrolled you

If your issue is related to the device, don't get to this perimeter.