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Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions? Please read or search it first, remember, RTFM.


Can you add customizations like ???

No, it's unlikely that we going to add any customization features, given that adding customizations will be contrary to our No Gore standard.

Why there's no Google Sans?

Because no, we can't ship Google Sans because it can't legally be used outside of Google products.


What features you have?


Can you add feature like Shrek 3?

We may consider adding it if we think it's useful and also not illegal.

We can't ship some of the following features:

  • Forcing Call Screening and Recording to be enabled and not adhering to local legal rules

"How is battery backup, sir?"

"Battery backup sir" is a highly user-oriented thing that differs between users, we can't predicting your battery usage because we don't know what apps you use or do you backflips while using your phone?, do you running LTE or Wi-Fi? do you play games? are you having a carrier or ISP that doesn't suck and having low signal coverage or a cheap router that affecting the transmit performance that regressing your battery? So yeah, it personalized to your usage.


When update?

We normally pushing an update after Google published Security Bulletin to the public. Some edge-case scenarios may block the release, if that happens, It'll be notified through Support Channels.

Want to ask for ETA?

Don't even ask for ETA.

Can I downgrade?

No, we don't recommend using old version of helluvaOS to avoid any potential issues. And you may lose your data if you attempting to downgrade.

Do I have to wipe my data?

Updates generally don't need a data wipe, if it does, we will notify you through the changelog of the build. Else, like first-install from other ROM, a Data wipe is required.

I can't install Delta updates!

To install delta updates, make sure you don't have any modifications in place (For example, Magisk), and you have to sideload it from the build that is released before (For example, Sideload June from Mid-May)

Technical Stuffs

Can I root?

We don't advise you to root your device, but you can root your device, also keep in mind that updating your device may remove the root, so you have to reroot again every update.

Why my SafetyNet didn't pass?

You probably rooted your device and didn't hide it, or you installed something like EdXposed

Now Playing is disabled?

This feature only available for Pixel, if you don't have Pixel, you may unable to use Now Playing.

Privacy and Security

Is helluvaOS good for privacy?

We aren't a Privacy-focused ROM, but we make sure that we are compliant with Google Privacy Policy, and also we are going to comply with GDPR.

Is helluvaOS Secure?

We try to get helluvaOS as Secure as possible, we make sure that our builds are passing the Security Test Suite (STS) and Common Test Suite (CTS).

A uncommon question that's quite common

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Yeah thanks, cool.