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Brand Guidelines

The helluvaOS and hentaiOS name, the helluvaOS and hentaiOS logo, and other Raphielscape LLC trademarks are the property of Raphielscape LLC. If you want to use these brands to indicate their association with your device or build, adhere to the guidelines on this page. All creatives that include or reference helluvaOS, hentaiOS, or Raphielscape LLC trademarks must be reviewed and approved by the Raphielscape LLC brand team.

hentaiOS and/or helluvaOS

The use of hentaiOS and helluvaOS on a marketing materials related to the builds is restricted to Compliant Devices only. The following are guidelines for the hentaiOS and/or helluvaOS brand and related assets that can be used for compliant devices.

  • Raphielscape LLC reserves the right to require hentaiOS, helluvaOS and/or Raphielscape LLC branding on compatible devices and any related materials, which includes but isn't limited to Changelogs, Release Posts, Boot-up Sequence, and Marketing Materials.

  • hentaiOS and/or helluvaOS should always be lowercased and is never plural or possesive.

  • hentaiOS and/or helluvaOS should be used only as a term to refer to the Operating System (OS) of your device. If you're unsure whether your use meets our guidelines, follow this simple test: If you can replace "hentaiOS/helluvaOS" with "the hentaiOS/helluvaOS platform" and the text still makes sense, then you may use this term.

  • Any use of hentaiOS and/or helluvaOS must include this attribution in your communication:

hentaiOS and/or helluvaOS is a trademark of Raphielscape LLC.

Unless expressly authorized, the hentaiOS and helluvaOS logo and custom typeface may not be used.